My Artwork & Photography (Photography Portfolio on

Serenity Acrylic on Foam Board, 2022, 22X28
Boy Baiting His Fishing Line Aqua pencil on 300 lb watercolor paper, 12X16
European Reflections Mixed Media on 300-lb paper, 11X14
Bike Stop Acrylic on foam board, 18X24
Gathering Water soluble oils on canvas paper, 2023 11 X 14
Wild Flowers on a Cliff Watercolor on cold-pressed 300-lb paper, 8.5 X 11, 2022
Walk in Central Park Acrylic on Board, 2022
Lemons on the Table Watercolor on Paper, 2022. 9X12
Moonlit Landscape Monochrome Watercolor on cardboard, 2022.
Park Bench Acrylic on Foam Board, 2022
Violinist Acrylic on Canvas. 2022
Abstract - Garden Mixed Media, 8X5, 2022
Abstraction - Shapes & Other Things
Braiding Hair Pastel on Paper, 2022. 6X10
Cousins Monochromatic, Watercolor on Paper, 2022 8X10 Part of O'Hanlon Center's online "Monochromatic" exhibition February - April 2022.
Fishing Pencil sketched on paper gift bag, 2022. Taken from a photograph I took while walking through Central Park, NYC.
Good Dog Acrylic on Paper, 2021 8X10 From a photo I took in Central Park
Tennis Balls Series Mixed Media - Pencil & Photography 2022. 11X17
Colored Spheres Series Mixed Media/Collage- Acrylic 2022. 7X14
Windows Series Colored Pencil on Paper 9X12
Watches and Pearls Colored Pencil on Paper, 2022. 8X10
Pottery Workshop - Memories of Chios Watercolor on Paper, 2019. 8X10
Fisherman Series, Photography, 2022 8X10
Helianthus Acrylic on paper. 2023 11X14
Fireworks over Volcano at Santorini Acrylic on paper. 2023 18X24
Butterfly's Paradise Pastel on paper. 2023 9X12
Black & White Acrylic on canvas paper, 2023 11X14
Boat Ashore Monochrome Acrylic on paper. 2023 12X12
Flower Shop Acrylic on Paper. 2022 11X14
In the Room Acrylic on canvas. 2023 12X16
Dandelions Abstract. Acrylic on Paper. 2023 12X12
Bridge Acrylic on Paper. 2023 12X16
Forest in the Autumn Acrylic on Paper 2023 12X16
Courtyard Acrylic on paper. 2023 9X12
Waterfall Acrylic on paper. 2023 11X14
Through the Light Acrylic on paper. 2023 11X17
Wildflowers Acrylic on paper. 2023 5X7
Gypsophila Pastel on paper, 2022 4.5X6
Mixed Media Painted on the back of a stretched canvas, 2023 18X24
Sunset Water Soluble Oils on canvas board, 2023 8X10
Reflections in black & white Water Soluble Oils on canvas paper, 2023 11X14
Beach Day Acrylic on canvas paper 2023 11X14
Abstract - Landscape Water Soluble Oils on canvas paper, 2023 11X14
Boy Playing in the Sand Mixed Media on paper, 16X20
Winter Cottage Aqua pencil on paper, 9X12
Cottage in the Snow Mixed media on paper, 9X12
One Morning in Maine Aqua pencils on 300-lb watercolor paper, 12X16
Coral Cave Aqua pencils on watercolor paper, 9X12